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Bank Robbery Tournament

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Bank Robbery Tournament

Post by Pardner » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:46 pm

I feel badly that I'm pimping WQ3 (SG) and this is only my third post here on the WW forums. I will try to give WW more love in the future. Anyway, there is a Bank Robbery Tourney happening April 26th for anyone interested. Here is some details:
  • Tourney starts April 26th
  • Bank robbery matches will be played with a max of 4 persons per team. However, the maximum team size is not limited. This allows for floaters. These floaters server the purpose of filling in should something happen to one of the playing teammates. A maximum of 5 persons from a team will be allowed on the server at a time (4 playing, 1 floater).
  • I would like to sort the team ladders according to location, skill, and map preference. This way we get the hardcore Durango fans playing other hardcore Durango fans and no one complains about lag.
  • If we get enough players I want to split the ladder onto two servers: USA and European. European matches played on the European server, and American matches played on the US server. If both sides are balanced then we could have a final European VS US series to end it!
  • Pick-up teams for the people who cannot organize a full 4 person team. Not quite sure how to sort them out. I suppose I could pick team captions and let them pick their players.
  • There is no way of stopping 3 party communication(TS,Vent,etc), but dead men in game will not be allowed to SPEC chat.
  • To join: Send me a PM containing
    • The names of the members. Each match will have (at the most) four players per team. Each team may have up to five members: 4 to play the matches, and 1 as a back-up.
    • The time zone of most the team members. I will be organizing the matches so that European teams play European teams on a European server, and American teams..... etc. This way, players will have the best ping possible. (Providing that we have enough players to do so)
    • The name of your favorite map. I want the games to be fair, and I know everybody has their favorite BR map. So, I will also try to organize matches by favorite maps.
  • Keep an eye on the Tourney Page for rules and match information. I will be putting up rules, match information, and results on the Tourney page as well as keep this thread up to date.
  • This BR is for fun only. While the SG team has given me support in running this tourney, it is not a SG sponsored competition. There will be not prizes or bounty, just heaps and heaps of bragging rights. So have fun!

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