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Hello everyone, I am back ;)

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Hello everyone, I am back ;)

Post by mangeljs » Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:36 am

Hello everyone

It's been a very long journey while since I have been here....

I used to be called =FF=Sturm, but looks like both my old account and email got hacked somehow... (I managed to restore my old email account), but not the forum's account

I have been busy with my telecom degree and MSc, as well as work, and some personal projects (videogame design, 3D modeling...)

It's nice too see this alive, hope to see you soon


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Re: Hello everyone, I am back ;)

Post by zivs » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:22 am

Really nice to see old folks coming back/by! Can we expect you to jump in server on Sunday?

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Re: Hello everyone, I am back ;)

Post by wwbiteme » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:15 pm

Hey there Sturm. Great to see you back. I havent been around as much mainly due to Sunday afternoon is tough for me to get on. I will try to get a little more active.....

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